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The Nightingale’ Paolo Sebastian Spring Summer 2015-2016 Bridal Collection


The nightingale-inspired Paolo Sebastian Spring/ Summer 2015-2016 Collection enchants all who see it just as a nightingale’s serenade enchants all who hear it. The designer has outdone himself with this collection that fuses vintage and modern, dramatic charm. The gowns are the quintessence of uniqueness, whimsy and femininity. They feature layers of tulle, ornate embroideries, metallic fringing and beaded feather embellishments.

Young designer Paul Vasileff sketched all the embroideries himself. Having featured at the London Fashion Week and Sydney’s Fashion Pallette, the beauty and classic elegance of his freshest creations come as no surprise. Each dress introduces new facets and brings the nightingale vision to life. Have a look at the wondrous pieces of art below.

At just twenty five years old, Vasileff’s achievements include featuring at London Fashion Week 2010 and graduating from Milan’s Europeo Istituto di Design. A ground-breaking show at Sydney’s 2012 Fashion Palette launched the label into the international sphere.

A firm favourite on both the runway and red carpet, Paolo Sebastian specialises in custom-made couture tailored to accentuate the beauty of the individual.

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Paolo Sebastian is based in Adelaide, Australia.


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Sareh Nouri Spring 2016 Bridal Collection



The Sareh Nouri collection of gowns and sashes can be found in bridal boutiques around the globe. They have been featured on top TV shows, such as TLC’s “Brides of Beverly Hills” the ‘Cake Smash’ episode of “Cake Boss” which aired in June of 2013 and have been seen on E! News with Giuliana Rancic.

Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-9 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-8 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-43 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-39 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-40 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-38 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-29 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-14 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-6 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-36 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-30 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-31 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-32 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-44 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-23-324x435Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-22-324x435 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-21 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-18 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-19 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-16 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-17 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-13 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-12 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-2 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-28 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-25 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-5 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-11

The Wedding Club London
10 Yeomans Row
London, SW3 2AH
+44 20 75819540

Sareh Nouri website


Bridal Gowns and Veils: SAREH NOURI // Select Laces: HOUSE OF sophie hallette // Photographer: laura gordon // Headpieces: JENNIFER BEHR ,  MARIA ELENAERICA ELIZABETH DESIGNS // Floral: Holly Carlisle for Rosegolden Flowers // Makeup: Nicck Townsend // Hair: Alison Sileo & Mark Sileo


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Groom Style


The general trend in groomswear has been a combination of informal and individual style. For a classic, timeless and elegant look, a 3-piece suit mixed with a jazzy neck or bow tie and a pocket square will serve the purpose.

Looking for something smart with a casual twist? Opt for a 2-piece suit. For sophistication, wear a black tie, tuxedo or sharp suit. For something extremely casual, consider gingham shirts, colourful ties and suspenders. A floral or succulent boutonniere will make your look fresh and show who the man of the moment is. Check out the available groomswear styles below and find out which one suits you.

Source: Pinterest

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Getting Married Abroad


Thinking of getting married abroad? A few pointers for your planning.

Do you dream of taking vows under sweltering foreign skies? Or a snow-covered canopy with a wintry Alpine view? If the answer is yes, you’d be treading a well worn path, where plenty of Irish couples have gone before.

Some of the most popular spots include Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Malta and the Caribbean, but there’s a long list of even further-flung destinations that cater for couples tying the knot.

With no shortage of Irish travel companies to help you plan an overseas wedding, it’s not a mammoth task. Most work with local wedding planners on the ground. You can also find Irish wedding planners that specialise in overseas events.

Both can help you with the logistics, like choosing a venue to suit your budget and style, creating the menus, and finding suppliers for photography, flowers and music.


But just as importantly, they’ll guide you through any legal hoops you need to jump in order to come home Mr. and Mrs.

Every country has different rules and requirements, some quirky and some common. In most you’ll need a Certificate of Freedom to Marry (which you get from the Department of Foreign Affairs). For nearly all religious ceremonies you’ll have to start the process locally. So if you plan to marry in a Catholic church in Barbados, you begin by contacting your local parish priest to obtain a pre-nuptial enquiry and his dispensation for you to marry abroad.

You get the gist — wherever you go you’ll need the low down on the process, whether it’s civil (normally in a registry office or the local town hall), or religious (lots of hotels in fashionable wedding destinations like Cyprus have their own chapels in the grounds).

Some Irish travel companies have posted really useful information on how the process works in popular places on their websites, so do some research online before you pick up the phone.

If you’re brave and bold enough to go it alone, you can of course plan it yourself. But if you choose this route make sure to find a venue that will lend a hand in the organisational department, and count on being able to travel there at least once in advance of the big day. For the legalities, you can contact the relevant embassy or the religious authorities in that country to root out the essentials.Romantic Wedding Table on Sandy Tropical Caribbean Beach at Sunset

Tips for travelling nuptials

• Weddingmoons are on the up! Combining your wedding with your honeymoon can save on costs. It also means you’re in situ to kick back and relax once the weeding deed is done
• Most couples plan at least a year in advance (you’ll need an absolute minimum of five months), and many travel companies will take bookings up to two years ahead of time
• If you organise everything through a travel company, check out whether they charge a set fee for the planning element, with the travel done separately, or whether you’re buying an all-in package. Discussing this upfront helps to make sure there are no hidden costs
• You’ll often get a group discount if family and friends make travel arrangements together
• Most marriages between Irish citizens that take place abroad don’t need to be registered at home, but the Department of Foreign Affairs does have some guidelines. https://www.dfa.ie/travel/our-services/marriage-and-civil-partnership-abroad
• Brides – a word of advice. Your dress usually goes in the overhead bin, which is an average measurement of 46 x 35 x 23 cm, so bear this in mind when designing that all-important gown!

Watch this space for upcoming posts on the best destinations for getting married abroad.

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Save The Date Ideas


Gone are the days when the only way to remind your guests-to-be to save the date of your wedding was by using simple cards. You can now notify them of your special day in many unique ways. Want to send a card? No problem. Add some creativity by tying a knot to a vintage-inspired card to symbolise your impending tying the knot.

Attach a balloon and ask your guests to inflate it to reveal your wedding details. Take a photo in a romantic or funny pose and print it on a card, custom calendar or photo magnet to create an awesome and memorable Save the Date. For more inspiration to get your guests RSVPing promptly, see the pictures below.

Source: Pinterest

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