Spring is coming soon along with wedding season. This means you’re calendar is going to be packed with a host of activities that come along with these celebrations of love. Whether it is a reception, a ceremony, engagement party, or some other get-together, you’ll want to dress to impress.

Just try not to show up the bride.

If you’re lucky, you already know if the occasion is going to be a black-tie affair, formal, or more casual. If you’re left in the dark, it may be harder to find the right outfit for the occasion but not impossible.

There is no shortage of choices

You’ve been successfully dressing yourself for years and probably have tried all Navy-Princess-Cut-Dressthe styles out there by now. Stick with a style, or two, that you know will flatter your body shape, and the occasion.
Just remember to take into account if the celebration will be inside, outside, on grass, or pavement. Will it more likely be a sit-down celebration or will there be a lot of dancing involved? If it’s the second, ditch the tight fitting formal gown for something more fun and friendly.
Keep these pointers in mind while shopping and you’ll show up to any occasion with the perfect outfit.

Get started early

If you find the time in your busy schedule, the best time to shop for an outfit is 3 months before the wedding date. With May being just a few months away, you might want to start browsing now.
When you have plenty of time to shop, you know what you’re not going to show up wearing the same outfit as someone who has just gone out and bought the latest trendy style of the season. Since next season’s clothing comes out ahead of time, you should start seeing some brighter patterns soon.

The three things to consider

If you’re still having trouble finding the right wedding guest dress, or you really can’t be bothered putting in more effort than necessary, just remember these three rules to make your life simple

1. Hemline

If you’ve managed to be good during the holidays and have kept in shape all winter, congratulations. That deserves praise all in itself. It might be tempting to show off your hard work and superhuman ability to resist pizza, but a wedding celebrating probably isn’t the best place to do this.
Remember you’re not trying to draw attention away from the bride. Resist any dress that is too short; it might give off the wrong impression, and will make it difficult for you to maneuver throughout the evening. Similarly, an overly long hemline might be too restrictive or be unflattering for your shape. However, if the event is outdoors or in especially beautiful weather, a long, free-flowing dress could just work.

2. Colour

Stay away from white. I’m sure you already know that this color is reserved for the bride, and no matter what she says, she won’t be happy to see you wearing it. An all-black ensemble also might draw the wrong type of attention; it is a celebration after all.
Stick with a colour that you know goes well with your skin tone and you can’t go wrong.dress

3. Fabric

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it made from quality material. You don’t want to be mid toast, or on the dance floor, if a button decides to come lose, a zipper get caught on something, or a strap breaks. Use the celebration to get a piece you’ll wear more than once. That will make it easier to invest in a quality piece instead of a one off outfit.

Where to start

If you’re stuck and need some inspiration, take a look at VAENO for examples of quality pieces to fit any celebration. Finding the right dress may be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Get it out of the way so you can concentrate on celebrating with the happy couple.


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