On bended knee, the love of your life asked you, “Will you marry me?” and with glee and excitement, and probably tears in your eyes, you uttered a resounding “yes”. He then put the beautiful ring on your finger.Bride with Bouquet

Days later, you find yourself planning for your dream wedding. You start contacting your friends who can be your bridesmaids, the people who can stand as your primary and secondary sponsors, the best gown designer, the best florist, the best photographer, the wedding planner and coordinator, your dream hotel as your wedding reception, in short, everything becomes very busy. You make decisions on a daily basis on what you prefer and what you think works both for you and your fiancé. On top of all those planning and coordination, what every bride-to-be’s dilemma is how she can look her best on the most memorable day of her life. It is crucial if you are the busy type of person but the good thing is, it is not impossible.

So, how can you lose weight in 8 ways?

One. Get rid of the junk food, the starchy and sugar-filled foods, and the processed food. Do not starve yourself. Just replace those foods with healthier options like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, fiber rich foods, and nuts. Smoothie is great if you think eating a bunch of vegetables and fruits is a chore. Yogurt and muesli with slices of fruits is also nice.

Two. Always have small snacks with you in your bag just in case you get hungry. Be sure that those snacks are not sweets. Some foods that are good as snacks are nutri bars, nuts, oranges, grapes or fruits that are not messy to eat while on the go. Remember, you should not starve yourself. It is best to eat every four hours, on small portions.

Three. DMojito cocktailrink a lot of water. Replace your sweet drinks and sodas with water. This is not much but you will notice that losing weight will be faster when you do this, as many has already experienced.

Four. Jog every morning. Dedicate 20-30minutes of your morning to jogging or walking. If you can give an hour for jogging, then it is even better. Not only does jogging help in keeping you fit, but it also helps the heart stay healthy.

Women at the gym doing cardio exercisesFive. Hit the gym. If you want to have a toned body, especially the arm area, doing exercises like lifting and joining gym classes for body sculpting can do the trick.

Six. Convince someone to do it with you. Your Maid of Honor is perhaps the best option if not your groom. Losing weight and undergoing a process is not at all that much fun when you do it alone especially if it is not something you are doing which is why inviting someone to undergo the process with you will make the journey much more fun. You can even do a bit of a competition by comparing who has lost more pounds at the end of each week. Do means for you to become more motivated.

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Seven. Get Proper Sleep. Doctors say that the ideal time for sleeping should be between seven to eight hours for adults. Sleeping less than that would lead to duller skin and a not so pleasant mood. It also contributes to weight gain because when the body does not get the number of sleep it needs, it tends to crave for food. That would, of course, eventually lead to you eating much more than you should.


Eight. Last but not the least, take Evolution Slimming’s Raspberry Ketone Pure 600mg Colon Cleanse. This supplement is well recommended because it is all natural, safe and effective. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, this is the best for you. When you take this, there is no need for you to do diet and exercise as the capsule would already do the trick. But to achieve much better results, it is of course, a good idea if you do all eight things that are enumerated here.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards looking your best for your wedding day!


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