When planning a wedding you must remember that wedding favours are just token gifts to thank the guests for joining your wedding celebration and you should not spend too much time or money on them. Planning your perfect wedding can be expensive, and no bride wants to compromise her dreams and expectations on her special day for the sake of these simple momentums. There are ways to achieve your dream wedding while staying within you and your partner’s decided budget. It’s all about planning, imagination and research.

You can even make your own if you are in anyway creative. The humble favour has become imperative to the decoration of your wedding reception as well as giving your wedding guests a lovely reminder of your big day that they can take home with them. You can be as creative as you like, or if you would rather you can play it safe with a lottery ticket for each of your guests – and hopefully one of them could be a winner on your big day. But you must remember that no one should feel pangs of guilt at your wedding when they decide to disgard your wedding favour.

So therefore it’s up to you to make it something indispensable, as opposed to something they can easily discard. If you are feeling charitable you can donate money in lieu of wedding favours which is a unique way of thanking your guests. It is the perfect finishing touch and far more meaningful than traditional wedding favours. You can even bake your guest’s gifts, cake pops are becoming largely popular as wedding favours, or cookies with icing in the shape of him and her.


You could also make a personalised CD for your guests; with a list of the both yours and your other halves favourite songs. Chocolates are always a favourite and you can guarantee they won’t be left behind after the wedding. Whether you decide to go with a chocolate bar with a personalised wrapper or a single chocolate in a colourful wrapper, it’s a fool proof choice! Your guests will enjoy a sweet treat before the dinner begins. Maybe treat your guests to a drink or shot to help toast your big day, you can be sure your friends and family will appreciate it more than a candle etc. You can even put a mini bottle of bubbly by each place setting. Toffee apples can be a fun favour for both adults and children alike. They’re not difficult to make, and look fabulous wrapped in cellophane, tied with a ribbon and label with the wedding date and name of the bride and groom. For newly-weds with a bigger budget you can get small replicas made of your wedding cake and package up in presentation boxes to be placed on every table.




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