Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Where the bride will be dreaming about the perfect dress throughout their whole existence, men on the other hand take a more relaxed approach. But you shouldn’t, and here’s what a groom should wear to a wedding.

Now before we discuss what you should wear you need to consider your options. You have the option to hire a suit and all of your accessories for yourself plus your best men, alongside the obvious option of buying the suits. Our personal preference is to buy the suit, because you can get some really affordable suits right now. The other benefit to buying suits is the alterations you can then have. The number one importance of wearing a suit is making sure it fits, and hire suits don’t allow you to alter them in most cases. So a suit you own can be altered to fit you, alongside your best men perfectly.


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But what suit should you buy?

Well a classic grey and navy suit is your best bet as black can be too ‘funeral’ esque. Navy is the ultimate choice and it’s a versatile suit that can be worn with various shirt and tie combinations.

Go for a good quality suit, made from wool or a good fabric and make sure the stitching and quality of the garment is good too. If the shoulders fit you but other areas don’t, don’t sweat… buy it and take it to a tailor or alteration service for a quick fix at a minor expense. Think about the sleeve lengths, taking in the jacket so it’s slimmer to your mid section alongside the length of the jacket.

Once you have your suit you want to then invest in a good shirt and tie combination. Of course more classic weddings may allow for other accessories such as cravats, lapel pins (often flowers) and more but sometimes the more simple the more stylish.


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A classic white shirt will suit anyone, and you can then add a pop of colour, print or individuality through the accessories you then wear. A classic white crisp shirt really is your go to piece, and this will formalize the outfit even more.

You then want to customize with further accessories such as a classic handkerchief in the pocket of your jacket, alongside a belt, and a classic leather strap timepiece.

Make sure you draw attention and compliments to how well you’ve dressed for your wedding day, but don’t outdo the bride!


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